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Jade Und Kupfer Lutz Klassen

Jade Und Kupfer

Lutz Klassen

Published October 1st 2004
ISBN : 9788788415261
500 pages
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 About the Book 

Neolithization has been debated intensively in Scandinavian archaeology for many decades, and the transition that took place when the last hunters and fishers of the Erteble culture became the earliest farmers of the Funnel Beaker Culture has, throughout the past 30 years, mainly been explained by local changes in climate and environment or by internal social developments. In this book, an attempt is now made to evaluate the importance of cultural developments in vast regions of Europe for understanding cultural changes in the western Baltic. The datings and provenance of all imported objects from Denmark, southern Sweden and northern Germany from the period 5500-3500 BC are discussed. Furthermore, all locally made artifacts and material features of the Erteble and early Funnel Beaker cultures that are thought to reflect foreign influences are examined. Text in German.