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Jessica Carter: To Catch a Thief Jill Herring

Jessica Carter: To Catch a Thief

Jill Herring

Kindle Edition
159 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

For ages 10 and upJess was dreading starting high school, just the thought of it sent terror through her body making her want to vomit but the day arrived just the same.Shy and quiet she may be but when confronted by the school bullies, The falsies, she stands strong and to her surprise, fights them off only to then find unwanted attention in the form of praise.Thrown into turmoil when her friend is branded a thief, Jess quickly steps in to help and together they set out to find who it really is.Struggling with feelings and emotions when she finds love but it soon back fires as word gets out and she is utterly embarrassed when she is teased and laughed at.Overtime Jess proves herself to be a great friend and an even greater detective whilst keeping secrets and desperately trying to keep her own reputation and her friends intact.School is great, full of laughs and giggles even though she is shocked to find out how immature that she is physically and mentally compared to other girls her own age and when Jess gets on the wrong side of Mrs Brook, her head of year, her imagination really does take over and all hell lets loose.She is a strong minded girl with an even stronger sense of right and wrong which leads her into many confrontations. Battling against all odds she finds the thief, unearths the stolen property, puts names to the bullies and is rewarded with the schools highest award.Year seven is over and Jessica Carter cant wait for year eight to begin.