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La Familia: Carl Weber Presents, La Paradise Gomez

La Familia: Carl Weber Presents, La

Paradise Gomez

Published April 18th 2014
ISBN : 9781306645232
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 About the Book 

Mouse and Sammy grew up as close as sisters in the notorious Edenwald Projects in the Bronx. Fighting to protect their territory and their reputation is a way of life, but the two loyal friends have goals. The girls have a passion for music and yearn to become famous someday. They perform as the rap group Vixen Chaos in local clubs, providing the only relief from their violent inner city lives. When Mouse starts dating Rico, an up and coming drug dealer from the hood, he promises to finance their music career. Sammy is doubtful, seeing that Mouse is becoming too caught up in her relationship with Rico. The two friends are at odds, and Sammys biggest fear soon comes to light. Mouse becomes pregnant by Rico, putting their music careers on hold.As Mouses belly grows, Rico becomes more absent from her. He loves the street life, constantly leaving Mouse alone in the apartment while he relishes in the attention of other beautiful women. Soon, Sammy gets swept up by Ricos swag and gift of gab, and the two start dating on the down low. The friendship is ruptured when Sammy finds out that shes also pregnant by Rico. Things turn ugly and violent, and the girls end up fighting in the middle of the street.They realize they have much bigger problems to worry about when Rico is picked up by the feds. Now hes serving a lengthy sentence, and his absence from the streets sparks a deadly war. Mouse and Sammy will have to raise their children alone, surviving by any means necessary.